2016-17 Saturday Pennant Grand Final Selections


The big dance awaits.

Today, Koroit Green lost to City Memorial Brown 72-78. So, we meet City Memorial Brown in the Grand Final at Dennington BC next week.
The side remains unchanged from the Semi Final:

Mortlake White (div. 3) to play City Memorial Brown: C Richie (s), J Wallace, P Palmer, M Heard; A Puzey (s), D Murray, B Mahncke, N Smith; P Delaney (s), L Smith, C Baxter, L April. Em: C Kenshole; Mgr: F Robertson.

There will be a bus heading down to Dennington BC next week and dinner back at the Clubrooms afterwards.
See the flyer at the Clubrooms or check your email.

Good luck to Division Three next week!